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Quickertrade is fundamentally a trading platform that engages all businesses around the globe. It allows trade to function with other trades on a national and international level whilst enabling governments to hold onto revenues previously lost to China. These conditions for trading, will offer unexplored revenue streams from the smallest of individual or partnership owned businesses, to the largest of companies and corporations. Working with government & independent trading authorities, Quickertrade has no doubts it will find its place in the global arena as a fair trade company endorsed and protected by international commerce and agreements. Built by filmswork, this is a mammoth task. Currently with 18 groups, Quickertrade has a combined category listing of 939 individual trading types with further definitions as sub-categories for brands and product descriptions. Companies will be able to list products and services across the Quickertrade platform, to sell or buy which means 54 groups, with a combined category listing of 2,817 potential outlet streams.