Quicker Vietnam

A Slice of Vietnam, One Flight at a Time!
A Slice of Vietnam, One Flight at a Time!
Environment friendly and sustainable food production is a real-time concern. According to a United Nations report, one in nine people in the world went to bed hungry, while one in three suffered from undernourishment. Meanwhile, the earth’s resources are restricted and under increasing stress. It is abundantly clear that we need effective, ecological and sustainable food production methods and principles. This calls for new food production technology, education programs to assist farmers, more efficient resource use, and responsible, sustainable values supporting all processes. Quicker Vietnam is one of thirteen whisker companies, designed to help local farmers get produce to market and get a better return on investment. It now enjoys hundreds of listings and is still growing each and every day. At Quicker filmswork, it was decided to offer a functional website with simple navigation and a 90% reduction in written content and translation in all ASEAN languages. With the future in mind, the site was fitted with its own APP, which is available online with Google store and a live 'WHATSAPP' chat connection to Vietnam and the United Kingdom.